Your Recovery

We Believe Your Recovery is More Than Just Physical

If you’re looking for a rehabilitation or long-term acute care for you or a loved one, we hope you will consider an Ernest Health facility. We promote a healing and nurturing environment at each of our facilities, responding to the medical, physical, psychological and social needs of our patients.

Through our hospitals, Ernest Health provides specialized medical and rehabilitative services to patients recovering from disabilities caused by injuries or illnesses, or from chronic or complex medical conditions.

Our hospitals are located throughout the United States in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Montana, New Mexico, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming.

Ernest Health hospitals are managed locally to best meet the needs of each community. However, we share information, knowledge, and resources throughout all our hospitals, which allow us to continually evaluate and improve delivery of care to our patients.

Our patient care efforts have earned us national recognition as a healthcare leader, meaning that we provide the highest level of available care to our patients in their own communities. We consider it privilege to be able to offer high-level care and are honored to be a vital part of the communities we serve.

We hope we can meet your needs through an Ernest Health facility, and invite you to learn more about us.